Kids Party Bus Columbia

Kids Party Bus Columbia

Birthday parties are one of the most important events in a kid’s life. They make the day more exciting for them and also give them an opportunity to be with their friends. It can be difficult for you as a parent to find transportation services that will take your kids to their party venues safely, especially if you are planning a large event like this. In order to make sure that your child gets to their birthday party on time and safely, we offer limo rentals for kids so that they can travel in style from one place to another.

kids party busLooking for a kids party bus? Do you have something planned for a kid’s party in Columbia? Something out of the ordinary will definitely be a great idea once you realize how convenient it is and this is having your event in a kid’s party bus Columbia. A kid’s party bus or limo service is a mobile party venue where all your guests will be. It is very convenient especially if you have a premier party venue to go to. Round up all your guests and have a party before you even arrive at the party venue!

It is a convenient way to pick up all your guests and take them to the party venue in an organized way. Large party buses could carry up to 30 passengers and therefore you can round up all the kids in your child’s class or club and have a lot of birthday fun before you arrive at the venue. All the amenities that you need for a memorable party are available such as comfortable seating, great audio and video equipment, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi systems and of course a large area where everyone can play and have a lot of fun.

kids party buses columbia

Types of Party Buses for Kids

You can bet there is a party bus that will fit all your party guests in no time. There is a small bus that could accommodate a small group of 20 while there are bigger buses that can hold up to 30 or more people. When it comes to amenities, you can bet that every bus has all the features that you need. You may also call party bus in Columbia for more details about their kid’s party bus features and amenities.

Kids Party Bus Rental Prices

Deals and promos may be availed by calling kids party bus Columbia. Rental rates also vary according to the type of bus that you want to rent, the number of people that you have on your guest list and the places that you wish to visit. The duration of your party will also be considered in your rental rate.

Limo & Bus Rental Prices in Columbia


Rental Pricing

6 Passenger Limo

$110-$145 hourly*

8 Passenger Limo

$120-$155 hourly*

12 Passenger Limo

$125-$165 hourly*

18 Passenger Minibus

$140-$170 hourly*

20 Passenger Party Bus

$150-$200 hourly*

25 Passenger Party Bus

$160-$220 hourly*

30 Passenger Party Bus

$180-$260 hourly*

30 Passenger School Bus

$145-$240 hourly*

50 Passenger Coach Bus

$150-$240 hourly*

56 Passenger Charter Bus

$150-$260 hourly*

*Prices vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.

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Additional Services Offered in Columbia, SC

Aside from kid’s parties, you can also request for a party bus service for birthdays, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversaries and prom parties. For extra special events such as corporate events, business meetings, concerts and sporting events, you can also rent a party bus to take you and your guests safely to the venue.

Places to visit in Columbia

  • Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden – take your kids here to meet all kinds of creatures big and small.
  • EdVenture Kids Museum – your kids will surely admire the exhibits here and learn something new each time you visit.
  • Colonial Life Arena – take your family here for a live basketball game.

Kids Party Party Buses, Limos, And Charter Bus Rentals

Party buses and limos are a great way to get around, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite bands. When you think about it, the best way to get around is definitely on a party bus or a limousine. These vehicles offer the utmost comfort for everyone involved!There are many advantages of having one of these vehicles at your disposal. The biggest benefit is that they can hold up to 90 people, making them perfect for large groups who want all their friends together in one place. In addition, they provide all kinds of amenities like decent lighting and speakers inside as well as comfortable seating arrangements so everyone can sit down comfortably while waiting for their ride home at night after work (or whatever). Another benefit is that both types of transportation come equipped with Wi-Fi so passengers can easily stay connected during the entire trip without worrying about running out battery life on their devices!

Why Choose a Kids Party Limo With Columbia Limos?

The first reason is that we have a large fleet of vehicles. Columbia limo has many cars, trucks, vans and buses to choose from. Our goal is to get you into the best possible vehicle for your needs. We want our clients to be comfortable on their trips because we understand how important it is for them to enjoy themselves on their special day or night out. We have a large selection of vehicles. If you want something that’s fun and stylish, then maybe we should consider renting one of our Party Buses or Limos? However, if you would prefer something more traditional like an SUV or Sedan then we can certainly provide that too! No matter what type of vehicle you choose from our fleet list; rest assured knowing that there will always be enough space for everyone in your group!

Perfect Transportation Solutions

Whether you need a limo or party bus for your next event, we have the perfect transportation solution. We pride ourselves on our level of service and excellent customer satisfaction, so rest assured that your ride will be comfortable and memorable!

Affordable Pricing on Rentals

You’ll be happy to know that our prices are affordable. If you’re on a budget, or just want the best deal possible, then it’s important to know that we offer competitive rates. The prices of our rentals are reasonable and low enough for anyone to afford them—even those with very tight budgets. Whether you’re looking for Limousine Rental Transportation Services for a large group, or just need something simple like transportation from the airport: We have an option that fits your needs! Our Limousine Rental is available in all sizes of vehicles; from a small 4-seater SUV up through a large 20-passenger party bus so there’s no need to worry about space concerns when selecting which vehicle will work best for your group size.

Travel Across All Around South Carolina

Columbia is a great place to visit. It’s in the central part of South Carolina, and it’s easy to get around if you’re traveling with children! All you have to do is hop on our kids limousine rental transportation service from Columbia Party Bus. We’ll take care of everything so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything else. This makes it easy for families with small children or teenagers who are going somewhere they’ve never been before, because they don’t have to worry about being late or missing their ride back home!

What Is Kid Party Transportation Services?

Kid Party Transportation Services are a great way to transport your group of children to an event. This service is not just for kids, but for adults too! Kid Party Transportation Services are available for all types of events such as birthday parties, sporting events and more!

How Getting Transportation Makes Your Kid Party Great

You can get to the party and home on time; no one will have to wait for you or worry about driving. You can enjoy the party without having to worry about driving, which can be especially nice if you’re not a great driver! It’s also a great way of getting out of the house and having fun with your friends and family members. You can save money on gas and parking by renting a limousine instead of using your own car or other transportation options.